Sunday, April 26, 2020


By Sandeep Cousik - Production Head, Signarama India.

Signages though last thought off for any business establishment, is an important part of any business. We being part of the Signage industry might sound biased, but as the norm says, it acts as an inanimate salesman for your business.  

With a signage, you clients / customers are being able to locate your business and it acts as the face of your business. To a by and large extent it should talk your business.

Your signage is your primary visual elements and what you say on your sign, whether it is the colours or the text font or the graphics on it should convey the character of the business and also of the person running the business.  And if you have creative branding or a creative signage, it will only make your business more appealing.

Signages are an essential component of any business’s overall marketing strategy.  

How many of you have realized that your store sign is actually the longest lasting and the most economical form of media that you would be investing in, when compared to the other forms of advertising your brand?  Especially for business’ that have limited marketing funds, signages are a cost-effective form of marketing.

Thousands of people would be viewing your sign, depending on the location of the sign. Your signs would be telling on your contact details or the business hours, the kind of business’ that you are in and most importantly, that your are present there. When you consider the cost, against the thousands of people viewing your sign, the cost per thousand, is much lower when compared to the any other form of advertising, whether it is the newspapers or televisions or radios.  In fact, if the signage is placed well and well thought out in terms of appeal of design and maybe even creativity, it could provide you with a significant return on investment.  

Your signage needs to have a good visibility and readability depending on the best placement & viewing distance available at your site location, while the colours, fonts, graphics, lighting, and text size also play a prominent part. Consider the distance from which your customers will be viewing your sign and make sure it is legible from that far away. It does little good to have a choice location on a busy thoroughfare if passersby cannot make out what your sign says.

Having complicated fonts makes your sign look too cluttered and illegible from a distance.  If it is an already style used in your logo or name, where the size is large, then keep it for just that and you could use clean and legible fonts for the rest of the sign.

Colours would also play a part on your signs, especially if you have your already house colours.  Else, bright colours, though not overboard, could be used as to draw the attention of the customers, just in splashes here and there rather than having a kaleidoscope, as they would play on the eyes more than what you are trying to convey about yourself.

Lighting plays a prominent part of your signage, even if your business hours are not into the night.  If your business is on high traffic areas, and when people are travelling back, lighting can make people aware of your business being available at the location, for their service, when required.  LED’s consume lesser power and are ecofriendly.  Further consumption of unwanted power can be curtailed by using a timer to automatically switch off and switch on your signages, even without your presence.
You could have smaller signs on your storefront mentioning on the working hours or phone number or maybe credit cards being acceptable.  It is also important for your business to have directional and informative signs.  Signs inside your outlet is also a requirement.  Your internal signs could be in the form of wall graphics or informative signs.  These also helps the customers for impulse buying. Parking signs  & directional signs to direct your customer to the parking lot is a necessity.  

When you have invested in your signs, it sure is something worth protecting.  Your signs would be greeting your customers day in and day our in all forms of weather and so its upkeep is utmost importance.  Always get into a maintenance contract for your signage.  This will help in extending the life expectancy of your signages and ensure safety of the signage.  Any potential defects in the sign or its fixtures will be discovered before they become unsafe or lead to failure of the signs performance.  Having invested in your signage to enhance your business, you will want your signs to remain visually impressive and structurally safe for their lifetime. It is but sad that the importance of signage is often overlooked and too many businesses try to cut corners and don’t put a significant amount of time and money into the process. Worse, signs are allowed to decay and fall into disrepair, which becomes almost a sort of negative advertising. That’s unfortunate, because properly done, a good well-placed sign is one of the best investments you can make in your business!
So, get creative and invest in some signage with Signarama India.

Thursday, February 20, 2020